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Helping dogs by dressing humans.

Get a T-Shirt from a different dog rescue each month for only $20/mo.

100% of the proceeds goes directly back to the rescue

Golden Dog
Rescue Puppy
Dog in Action
  Featuring a  Different Rescue Each Month
 Satisfaction Guaranteed

How It Works

As a member of Dog Rescue Shirt Club, you'll receive a unique t-shirt from a different dog rescue each month with 100% of the proceeds from your membership going directly back to the featured rescue. It's a great way to show your support for only $20/mo. and Free Shipping.

The Basics

For dog owners, dog rescue advocates and t-shirt connoisseurs, Dog Rescue Shirt Club™ is the monthly membership club for you.

Each month, Dog Rescue Shirt Club ships a new, high quality “T-Shirt of the Month” featuring a unique dog rescue from across the country. The cost to members is just $20 per month (including shipping) with no obligation or commitment. 100 percent of the proceeds from membership goes directly back to the rescue each month to help with day-to-day operations and to help more dogs find their new family.

How are Shirt Selected?

Each shirt is hand designed with the rescues to offer something truly unique to Dog Rescue Shirt Club members. Designs are chosen based on uniqueness, history of the rescue, as well as needs of the rescue. Designs represent the hard work and dedication of the rescues, so to ensure that they stay unique, each featured t-shirt is used only one time. Once that rescue’s shirt has been featured, it’s retired from the club forever.


Note: We do not sell these dog rescue shirts individually. In order to receive one of these shirts, you must be a member. Members can be canceled at any time. No questions asked.

What Will I Receive?

The club "help dogs by dressing humans," with carefully curated shipments of custom designed t-shirts arriving at customer’s doorsteps each month. You’ll receive your featured “T-Shirt of the Month.”

What Sizes Do You Offer?

Currently we offer two styles of t-shirts. We offer a Unisex T-Shirt in sizes S through 3XL as well as a Women's cut v-neck soft T-Shirt in sizes S through 2XL. Both are super soft and comfy tees.

How Much Does It Cost?

Club membership is $20 per month, That’s it! Free shipping for all USA addresses! (Canadian addresses add $7 and countries outside the U.S. and Canada add $15 to cover shipping costs)

Note: Additional $2.50 for 2XL and $3.50 for 3XL.

How Much Goes Back To The Featured Rescue?
How Will I Get My Shirt?

Each month, you’ll find your shirts in your mailbox provided by the United States Postal Services. Shipping is on us!

When Will I Get My Shirt?

Whether you order your shirt on the 1st, the 15th or the 30th of each month, our shirts start shipping on the 20th.

What If I Want To Cancel?

Afraid of commitment? Don’t worry! Our memberships are commitment-free. You can cancel your monthly membership or change your shirt size at any time.

How Can I Get My Rescue Involved?

We’d love to hear from you! Visit our contact page and submit your information. We’ll reach out to continue the conversation and potentially feature your rescue in our club.

How It Works
 Free Shipping
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